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8th February: Side Effects released (US)
15th March: Side Effects released (UK)

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Information | Photos | Official website Released: 2020

Information | Photos | Official website Released: 2020


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Point Blank
The Graduate (40th Anniversary Collector's Edition)
The Third Man - Criterion Collection
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?



The Film Festivals Server presents Live at the London Film Festival
The LFF cocktail hour
(, November 10, 1995)

Nick Thomas: Welcome to the online conference for the London film festival. Please load up your questions for Steven Soderbergh.
Steven Soderbergh first burst in the public arena with the critical acclaim that followed his debut feature… Sex Lies and Videotape. The Underneath is the gritty new film from this talented young director/script writer… welcome Steven.
Steven Soderbergh: Hello!
Question: You received so much attention after Sex does that help or hinder a director…
Answer: In my case I think it helped.., provided me with many opportunities that I am still taking advantage of.
Question: What attracted you to The Underneath as a project?
Answer: I liked the idea of a protagonist who is unable to live in the present and a film that has the same dilemma.
Question: Steven - can you tell us about your new film, what is it about and who stars in the lead roles?
Answer: Its about a man trying to reconstruct a relationship with his ex-wife but ends up being involved in a crime…because of this desire to revisit the relationship.
Question: You have worked with Peter Gallagher a lot, what do you look for from your actors?
Answer: Intelligence, flexibility, humour…and, ah, nice clothes.
Question: Is there anyone you would particularly like to work with?
Answer: Yes.
Question: who?
Answer: Alan Rickman.
Question: What projects do you have in the pipeline?
Answer: I'm working on a series of ultra low-budget experimental films
Question: Have you moved out of the mainstream then?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Your films often have a dark humour about them? Do you ever feel the urge to do 'straight' comedy?
Answer: As a matter of fact, the film I am working on now is a comedy although not a straight one.
Question: Which other young film makers do you admire?
Answer: Its not something I think about a lot. I'm always happy to see a film that I like but, admiration is not something I really concern myself with.
Question: Who were your influences then?
Answer: Numerous - Howard Hawks, Mike Nichols, Bunuel
Questions: Here's a question from Reading!…Both of your films focus on the trauma of relationships, is this something that you enjoy exploring?
Answer: Yes it is, although the research isn't often enjoyable.
Question: It's a living!
Answer: And a good one
Question: How many festivals will this film play at?
Answer: This is the second… I don't know if any more are planned.
Question: How do you feel about promoting your films?
Answer: I like it - I like travelling, and I get to meet interesting people - and its all free.
Question: Where do you live?
Answer: I split my time between Virginia and Louisiana
Question: The Underneath and Kafka were pretty moody. What attracted you to the King of the Hill?
Answer: I thought it would be a challenge to make a film about a child that maintained an adult point of view in the sense that it treated the child protagonist as a full-blown, complex character.
Question: How do you feel you've progressed as a movie maker? Do you still feel a lot of pressure with each new film?
Answer: I think I've progressed a great deal although that may not be evident yet to the public.
Question: I'm sure you're being modest! What is the state generally for independent film makers in the US?
Answer: I think its easier to get an independent film made in the US than it used to be but its harder to get that film released.
Question: So what's the answer?
Answer: To make a film for such a small amount of money that even if only a small number of people see it still returns on its investment.
Question: What's the minimum amount you can make a feature for?
Answer: I've heard of features made for $5,000 but I'm talking more in the $75K range.
Question: Let's do a vote guys? How do you find London this time?
Answer: With great difficulty. Actually, I love London. If I wanted to live here, would I get killed by taxes?
Nick: No and you'd get free health care! Thanks Steven for joining us - hope the film goes well.
Answer: Thanks for having me.


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