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8th February: Side Effects released (US)
15th March: Side Effects released (UK)

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Information | Photos | Official website Released: 2020

Information | Photos | Official website Released: 2020


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Mysterio talks with Steven Soderbergh and Terrence Stamp about
Ocean’s 11, Traffic and Episode 2
By Jeremiah Kipp
(Ain't It Cool News, March 23, 2000)

Steven Soderbergh. Today the guy is easily one on the hardest working directors in Hollywood with two of the most eagerly anticipated, utterly cool flicks coming down the pike, Traffic and Ocean’s Eleven.

I was a bit wary of what he would be allowed to say to me, since The Limey himself was sitting right beside him. Mr. Terrance Stamp.

Both gentlemen were extremely cordial, but cautious of my intentions and questions, but I figured, “What the hell. I’ll fire away and take my shot.” So I did, and this is what I was able to pull:

First, regarding the lead in Traffic. Soderbergh clearly denied the word of Jack Nicholson’s involvement in the lead.

To which I asked, “So, the role’s finally been cast and locked?”

“Yes,” Soderbergh replied. “It’s Michael Douglas.”

Ok, good. So the project is moving forward as planned. I remarked at how well the script was written by Stephan Gaghan and that it was a fascinating and gritty piece of work that I was eagerly looking forward to seeing what he does with it.

His reply, “Just wait. It’s better.”

“Better? That script was downright brilliant!” I said.

With an eye of confidence, he leaned to me and said.

“Just wait. It’s gonna be better.”

“Wholly shit, ok great, can’t wait.” I said, “Let’s move on.” Next topic & question.

Ocean’s Eleven.” Casting rumors have begun surfacing that sounded waaay too cool to be true. Well are they? Here’s the word straight from the man who should know.

George Clooney - IN.

Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Michael Douglas & Don Cheadle.

Nothing finalized just yet, but looking really hopeful and solid.

Bill Murray - “God, he’d be perfect as Saul Bloom. You’ve got to get him!” I said. “We want him too. He’s got the offer, and I’d personally love to see him in the role, but we’ll just have to wait and see,” remarked Soderbergh.

NOTE: One word, Mr. Murray - and that word would be “YES!”

Mark Wahlberg - Same as Murray. He’s got the offer, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him join on with Clooney yet again. Great part, great movie!

Johnny Depp & Jet Li -

Neither considered for roles in the film. Instead the characters of a French explosives expert & Chinese circus gymnast will more than likely be played by unknowns says Soderbergh.

Ocean’s Eleven is really a super cool and tight script. It’s a great casting piece, and a writing style that reminded me of the same feel in characters, dialog and pace that you used in Out of Sight, and it’s a real fun piece of work,” I said.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s a great, fun script. And it’s definitely gonna be a real fun film. You’ll see,” he replied.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing their release on the screen soon.”

Soderbergh’s reply, “So am I. I can’t wait myself.”

As for Terrence Stamp possibly re-teaming with Soderbergh for one of the above projects, Stamp seem reluctant that they’d work again any time soon, stating that working with Steven on The Limey and have the role written specifically with him in mind was the best compliment he could ever get. He was clearly humbled and gracious to have worked with Soderbergh on that film. So Steven? Why not work with him again? Why not cast Terrence as “The Man Who Wouldn’t Smile”? Think about it, he’s perfect!

And to those who would wish to know Mr. Stamps involvement in future Star Wars Episodes?

“No, I have not been contacted by anyone from Lucas’ offices regarding the next or future movies. I wouldn’t count on it as George Lucas has moved forward with the stories and is taking other steps,” says Stamp.

So in wrapping with these two projects coming up on Soderbergh’s slate, I am now absolutely assured, without a doubt that he’s the right man for the right job here. He was extremely excited and enthused (just as I was) about both projects, and seemed very confident in knowing what he wants and how to handle each project. He’s knows what each one means and where they should go, and that indeed is re-assuring to know with two such very promising sounding and cool projects such as these.


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