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8th February: Side Effects released (US)
15th March: Side Effects released (UK)

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Information | Photos | Official website Released: 2020


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Soderbergh on Solaris
By Simon Braund
(Empire, March 2003)

Solaris is a strange choice for a remake, surely?
I saw Tarkovsky's movie first and then read the book and I felt that I wanted to go back to the book a little more. And even then there are a lot of alterations. Lem (the book's author) is still alive. I can't imagine what's he going to make of this. Probably bourgeois bullshit (laughs)

Lem's book and Tarkovsky's film navigate deep philosophical waters - the nature of God and so on. You kept the basic premise - a mysterious energy engulfing a planet that brings the memories of scientists studying it to life - but why did you focus on the romance, the dead wife returning and the opportunity for a second chance that seems to offer her husband?
I'm interested in memory and have played with it in a couple of films, so I thought the conceit that your memories can be manifested physically was fascinating. I also thought the relationship between Kelvin and Rheya was fascinating. In the original we don't see their relationship from before. Plus I think she's 19 - she's a young, passive character and I didn't find that satisfying.

James Cameron was a producer on Solaris. What's he like to work with?
If you stay off his set he's fine (laughs). He was great. I saved all the emails he sent me because they were so fascinating, long riffs on issues - metaphysical issues, philosophical issues. He knows a lot about a lot of stuff. He was a good resource and very supportive; he seemed to get the movie. There are times on every movie where you're trying to find the shape of it. You'll come up with something and you'll see the light go out of everybody's eyes. The light never went out of his eyes.

He didn't try to direct the director?
Oh God, no. He's a director, so as a producer he'd never dream of getting in your way. He believes in the director being in control. He's the perfect producer in that regard.

What is your take on the George Clooney-showing-his-arse controversy?
I thought it was time to objectify the male actor instead of the female (laughs). For that scene I shot a lot of stuff of George and Natasha (McElhone, who plays Rheya). They were both naked; it just ended up that way. Which is why it was funny that the rating thing came up because I don't consider those shots to be sexual. And yet that's the little box they get put in. (The MPAA) have specific criteria: you know, 'If you show this is this context then it's an R.' We argued that the scene was past sexual. It's emotionally intimate - they're not having sex. I argued that you can have sex and not have an intimate experience. I guess they bought it. I was surprised they overturned the rating because I think they've only done that three times in 35 years.


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